ExtraOrdinary People

Born To Make Manifest The Glory of God


Be ExtraOrdinary

Great News!  It is possible to design and live an ExtraOrdinary Life.  Step out of average, mediocre, out of ordinary.  You were born to make manifest the Glory of God.   Our 12-week program will enable you with the awareness, tools and skills to walk in your greatness.  You will understand and value the lessons of your past, envision the future you desire with supreme clarity, and walk the tracks of success towards the realization of your potential.


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is for the person who wants to be held accountable for the decision they have made to effect positive life change and sees wisdom in having an experienced and trained coach work with them through the process.  It is for the person who is willing to ask for help, not because they are weak, but because they want to remain strong.  Our trained coaches have the experience and commitment you need to support you on that journey from present performance to desired performance.


Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional intelligence is a set of skills, necessary for engendering and sustaining long-lasting relationships, first with self, then with others.  It is the skills for managing emotions, yours and in others.  Our coaches will work with you, using proven models and techniques to help you develop a positive self-image, manage self and foster meaningful relationships.


Speak Up

It is said that your education is incomplete if you cannot use words to move ideas from one person to another.  This 12-week course will immerse you in a learning experience where you will learn and master the time-tested competencies necessary for confident and impactful public speaking.  Your facilitators are seasoned Toastmasters and accomplished public speakers in their own right.

Mastering The Art Of Sales

Selling is out!  Helping people buy is in!  Learn the thinking, process and master the skills to become The Doctor Of Sales.  Doctors diagnose, then they prescribe.  The combination of their competence and confidence builds trust with their clients, who more than likely follow through on their recommendations.  Our program will equip you to engage your clients and prospects with the same level of professionalism, closing a significantly higher number sales attempts and securing more qualified prospects.



Our Mastermind Groups are a cost-effective and high-value option for individuals committed to their personal and/or professional development.  They are a combination of expert practitioner/mentor led structured learning and peer-group style brainstorming.  We currently offer 3 Mastermind Groups.  Our facilitators are all John C. Maxwell certified trainers and coaches.

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