"Mr. Olton used material from Dr. Covey, Ken Blanchard, Spencer Johnson, M.D, and so much more. The concepts of all of the above were taught in one workshop. The combination of these concepts created an experience that would not have been gain by receiving them individually. There was much class participation, hands on activities and discussion.  My overall experience was such a positive one that I highly recommended it to any leader or potential leader in this company."

Carol-Ross DaSilva, Supervisor, BELCO, Bermuda

"...Having sat in a few of your sessions, I was personally impressed with the quality of the material presented, your delivery style, and the manner in which you communicated with the group. I still consider you one of the better trainers in the Caribbean today..." 

Keith E. King, - General Manager/CEO, Pan American Life Insurance Company

As an experienced assessor of technical vocational qualifications, I take great stead in ensuring that the centre I am attached to has the right team and quality assurance processes to accord the candidates the best opportunities in gaining recognition for their efforts. The Potter Centre, Toney Olton in particular, has never waivered from his responsibility in providing everyone attached to the centre the support and guidance necessary in meeting the demands of the exacting standards.

Joan Leacock - Potter Centre CVQ Management Level 2 & 3 Assessor


I have known Toney for over 10 years. During this time I have worked with him on several occasions, in his capacity as a consultant. In particular I have worked with him extensively over the past two years on several projects on which I have been the lead consultant.

Toney has shown himself to be a remarkable talent who is passionate about his results. Beyond his passion for meaningful results, he is a natural leader and fights hard for his beliefs. He is a capable facilitator who is consciously proactive in getting full involvement of his clients and team members. Toney exhibits a very effective personal style.

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Toney as one who brings his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to his work. He has my highest endorsement.  

Anthony St. A Proute - St. A B Proute & Associates

I have the distinct pleasure of interacting with several Human Resource Management Consultants and Trainers.  Mr. Olton has undertaken several significant change management assignments for the Bank and is ranked among our priority listing of resource persons, standing out as a beacon among them. We have found him to be very trust-worthy, always seeking his clients best interests. He willingly offers ideas aimed at helping the Bank to build synergies, improve on our people management skills, our systems and processes.  He delivers on his commitments and we are always satisfied with the quality of his work. Mr. Olton is highly respected, very much appreciated and admired for his depth of knowledge, his capacity to empathize and the ease with which he connects with audiences.  He has an enormous ability to motivate and inspire others.  Members of our staff have continuously sought his counsel and mentorship as a result of the bonds they have forged with him.

Faye Thompson - Training and Development Officer - Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited

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